Pennsylvania Energy

About Us


Who We Are

YEP Energy serves residential and commercial customers within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as an Electric Generation Supplier (“EGS”) operating under licensure by the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission (“PAPUC”).
YEP Energy’s buying power and experience enables YEP Energy to provide its customers with some of the most competitive rates in Pennsylvania, and YEP Energy’s commitment to quality demands it to provide the best customer experience available.  With an expanding footprint in the nationally restructured electricity markets, YEP Energy and its affiliates can bring you solutions beyond the Commonwealth. 




Management Overview

YEP Energy is a private, non-affiliated EGS, founded by highly experienced energy executives with more than 150 years of combined experience in the electricity, natural gas, and related industries. The YEP Energy Team implements advanced techniques in customer relations, custom services, sales, and marketing. YEP Energy team members have worked in deregulated markets all over North America, including many international markets. Experience is YEP Energy’s most valuable asset. It differentiates YEP Energy from the competition and allows YEP Energy to provide superior products, pricing, services, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. YEP Energy wants the opportunity to gain your business and will work tirelessly to serve you as a YEP Energy customer.

Customer Service that Serves You

YEP Energy is committed to having the best customer service in the business. YEP Energy utilizes a Customer Service Plan that draws on best practices for all service industries and uses the most advanced electronic tools. YEP Energy’s friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is well trained and come from diverse, multi-cultural backgrounds.  Representatives are able to speak multiple languages including Spanish and Korean to better serve you. YEP Energy’s service function is goal oriented and performance is measured against specific goals at every customer interface point. Upgrades to internal system are made on an on-going basis so that YEP Energy may continuously improve its performance for you. Customer feedback is openly and actively solicited.  YEP Energy relies on you to tell us what is working (or not working), so that YEP can refine and perfect its process.

The Approach

YEP Energy aims to provide customers with complete energy solutions that are tailored to meet your individual needs. The first step is to evaluate a customer’s specifications in depth.  From there, YEP Energy assesses the best service offerings it can supply and presents the customer with an array of workable solutions.  The customer can then formulate a more informed decision to best facilitate their individual situation.  YEP Energy believes this strategy is what sets it apart from other REPs in the commercial and residential energy markets.  

Environmentally Conscience

YEP Energy is doing its part to conserve resources, protect the environment, and support a healthier and cleaner environment through the procurement of Renewable Energy Credits (“RECs”).  YEP Energy proudly offers 100% Renewable Energy Plans with long term fixed rates as well as on a month to month basis, all at competitive rates with the same, great, reliable service you will come to know with YEP Energy.
Affiliates of YEP Energy also offer a wide array of solar solutions to power your home or business.  With scalable options, the ability to help make your home or office “green” has never been easier. 

More than Just Electricity

Along with its award winning electricity services, YEP Energy and its affiliates can provide you with more than just electricity.  YEP Energy affiliates are in the process of attaining its license in Pennsylvania to serve your natural gas needs.  In addition, as mentioned above, YEP Energy affiliates are also expanding into the rapidly developing and innovative solar technology solutions for home and business. 

Vision and Values

YEP Energy was founded with clarity in vision and an uncompromising value system. Everyone within the organization is committed to following these fundamental guiding principles when working with customers, partners, and affiliates.  YEP Energy, Expect More!