Pennsylvania Energy

The Refer A Friend Program Terms

To participate in our Refer A Friend Program, you must refer new customers to YEP Energy by providing them with your YEP Energy account number so that credit may be applied to your account. Referred customers must sign up for service on any fixed term (one year or longer) plan and note your YEP Energy account number at the time the order is placed. For each account that you refer, you and the referred customer will each receive a one-time $25.00 bill credit after three billing cycles have been paid in full by both you and the referred customer. In the event that either you or the referred customer fails to timely pay in full and/or terminates service you and the referred customer shall forfeit your credit in full. The Refer A Friend bill credits will expire after six billing cycles from the time the referred customer signs up for service with YEP Energy.

Bill credits have no cash value, except as a YEP Energy bill credit and cannot be applied to deposits or prior balances due. If you terminate service with YEP Energy, any credit balance from the Refer A Friend Program will not be refunded.

This offer is subject to change or cancellation without prior notice and eligibility requirements, terms, and conditions apply. By accepting the $25.00 credit or by otherwise participating in the Refer A Friend Program, you warrant, represent, and agree that the referral was not and shall not be made deceptively, fraudulently, or unlawfully, and that you agree to all eligibility requirements, terms, and conditions.

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